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Hello, everyone! Sorry that I've been inactive on DA. I've been spending more time on tumblr then ever and college class started last week as well but I'm in need of your help. 

Everyone that knows about my OC having fire element pretty much knows about her outfit but I want to do a change on that. I want to draw a dress that fits Adriana and her fiery power. For some time I've been looking at dresses on the internet to see what could be done but I'm soooo lost on that.

Does anyone have an idea?
*All was dreadful now. Ever since the battle in Chigago ended, the humans began to betray us. The alliance with the humans has ended. NEST organization was terminated and the CIA sended out bounty hunters to terminate all of the Transformers. Each team member on each side was getting slaughtered by the minute by the humans and it was enough for Optimus Prime to send a message to them to retreat and hide. After all they have done for them, this is was they got in return. It was no longer a's extinction...

Adriana felt hopeless when all of this has been occurring. Now running away from the human and hiding in defense, she took a new form to blend in and waited for any good news from Prime or if there was any Autobots left.*
Optimus and Causeway by Miss-AutumnRose
Optimus and Causeway
Request for :iconlady-elita-one:

Originally I was going to draw them as Knight and Lady but it got difficult and had to think of another way to draw them until I found the famous picture of Belle and the Beast kiss and I drew the pose. I know Causeway looks like Belle but I tried not to make her look exactly like her but because I saw a concept art of Causeway as human, she had a bit of Belle's hair style and I recreated it plus made her hair a bit longer. I was so close to giving up on this sketch but it was turning out good and continued. Yay!

I didn't color this because I ran out of the dark brown and brown color markers for the hair and instead left this as a sketch. When I get the colors I might color this but I have to wait and see.

I'm proud by how Optimus turned out so far compared to the other one I drew with Causeway and Adriana together. This time he has a mustache and I did make him a bit older because with that voice and his experience, there's no way I could draw him as a young man. Sorry. ^^' 

Hope you like it! :3

Artwork (c) :iconmiss-autumnrose:
Causeway (c) :iconlady-elita-one:
Optimus (c) Hasbaro
Pose (c) Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Adriana Sketch by Miss-AutumnRose
Adriana Sketch
This sketch was inspired by an Elsa sketch concept art I once drew of my OC but it failed and I redrew my OC again until this turned out better than before. I'm really glad on the result. I didn't draw the upper part of her dress since I've been thinking of redesigning it but not sure 100%. I do have ideas though and I do want to leave the cape on her.


Artwork ( c ) of :iconmiss-autumnrose:
Concept (c) of Disney

I was finally able to see the movie again but this time with my mom and her reactions were priceless. She enjoyed it, she loved seeing Optimus Prime on the big screen again and all and I did too. Seeing the film twice was just fun and got excited. My mom was silently squealing when she saw Optimus change to his new alt mode design and would cheer for him. Of course, she got sad when she saw Ratchet died and will get confused to who the new characters are and I will answer her back. Now my mom can't wait for the next film. XD She will admit that she's not Transformers fan but she does have somewhat of a crush on Optimus and admires Peter Cullen. X3 


Well I finally was able to see the film last Saturday and decided to write a review about the film and what did I think of this film? To be honest, I was quite surprised how this film turned out compared to the last three films. 

Yeah, I get it that there a reviews that state that "this film sucks" and "another pointless film with no plot", yada, yada, but I feel like the fourth film is a bit better than the others. 

The first film was good. It had some laughs here and there but there were action scenes and we get to see the Autobots and the Decepticons battle against each other like always and the awesome scene of Optimus transforming on the big screen for the first time. 

The sequel was horrible. Barely any scenes with the robots, Optimus' death, the plot was there but felt weak and unnecessary moments with the human casts and the racist twins. -.-

The third film was ok. It was dark and a bit mature but again more human scree time that we don't care and Ironhide's death (unforgivable) and Megatron barely doing anything because he was being Sentinel's bitch. DX 

The fourth film is actually much darker than the last film. The story takes place 4-5 years after the battle in Chicago and all the humans want all the Transformers to be gone. (Typical of them. -.- ) All the robots from the last film are all murdered including Ratchet except for Optimus Prime and Bumblebee along with three new Autobots. The five robots are at their peak from all that has happened and are tired of hiding and being hunted down. 

I do like that they changed the whole human cast. None of the characters from the last three are seen and I'm glad because I got tired of seeing Shia in the last two. The main character Cade Yeager is likable and a lot better than Sam. What makes him better than Sam is that he actually does something. All Sam did was run and scream. Cade does run but he fights back. Like literally! You actually see him pick up a Cybertronian weapon and uses it as a gun and attacks. On top of that he's a father trying to do what's best for his teenage daughter and I don't mind seeing that. I'd rather watch him than Sam and I hope to see him again in the next sequel.

The daughter, Tessa, and her Irish boyfriend, Shane, are just bland. They're just there to be good looking. Hell, even the boyfriend acted like a coward. But he remained there to help Tessa and Cade, yada, yada, I really don't care although I am impressed that there wasn't any romantic moment between them compared to the last films. They did kiss but that wasn't until the end and that lasted for a few seconds. 

The human bad guys weren't that bad. We have Attinger who is a CIA agent that is paranoid and wants all the Transformers gone and works with Lockdown to bring them down. Then we have Joshua who is the bad guy but then has a change of heart. He was ok. Some funny moments but that's it and is the one who is creating the new Transformers. 

But let's talk about something really important.


OMG! Never have I loved these robots until now. The Autobots had so much sass in this film and finally more screen time!!! They were a joy to watch and I wanted to see more. Let's get down to business with them.

I loved Hound in this film. He reminded me of Bulkhead from TFP and he was fun to watch. He's voiced by John Goodman and he gave a lot of love on voicing Hound. Hound in the film is no doubt a strong fighter and very loyal to Optimus. I even laughed when Hound said in battle that he's a fat ballerina. XD 

Drift was also likable. I actually like his design and he's the first Autobot in the live action film to fly. That's a bonus and about time. People have been saying that Drift sounds like a stereotypical Japanese. Um....he's voiced by a Japanese actor. Like really? You're going to judge that. He sound perfect to me. 

Then we have Crosshair. I love how he was designed and his voice. He's like the pessimistic jerk in the group but the kind of jerk that you accept and like watching. Of course he is loyal to Optimus and is fun to watch.

Bumblebee was adorable in this film. I loved him more this time. He had attitude and he would get easily angry if you say someone is better than him. Cause the humans said Stinger is better than Bumblebee and he will get upset. I had to laugh when he had a WTF moment. That was priceless.

Omg, I don't know what to say about describing Optimus in this film. When I saw him for a while in the film, I felt like he was ooc. He was angry, he hurt a human being, he broke one of his most important rule to not harm humans, and he was ready to leave earth behind. This shocked me but when I thought about it over and over, it made realize that he had a reason to be this way. 

He's the leader and has this heavy weight on his shoulders to carry from all that he has endured. He had to see his Autobot comrades die by the humans and had to order the remaining to run and hide as best as they could. He was in rage when he found out that Ratchet was slaughtered. It's so sad because he and Ratchet are old, best friends. I literally felt so horrible for Optimus that I wanted to hug him and give him so much love and comfort. 

But what I did like was that it made Optimus more human. Don't get me wrong, we've seen Optimus angry but not as angry as he was in this film. Yet you could see how tired and hurt and ready to give up he seemed because of what was happening  but he does change and goes back to his awesome self and defends the humans. His design seems clean and full of details plus he looked awesome holding a sword and shield like a knight. There's two things that caught me by surprise though...

When I read Chaos' review about the film in his journal, he wrote that when Cade talked about teenagers and how to he raised one, Optimus mentioned that he also experienced that with Bumblebee. When I read that I went :iconohfuckgrandpaplz: I couldn't stop laughing! XD That was cute. Awwww. Daddy Optimus. ^_^

And...Optimus speaking Cybertronian for the first time ever! I was surprised but it felt good to hear him speak in his native language. A big round of applause for Peter Cullen got his role on this film and speaking another language. XD

The Dinobots....Holy Slag. They were awesome. Yeah, we didn't seem them until later but still! They were there and it was cool to see them at first in robot mode and then transform into their Dino form. Their designs look cool. I guess it is a little upsetting not to hear them talk but at least they were awesome. 


Lockdown was cool. I loved his voice. It was dark and menacing. They did show off his famous hook in the film and his design was fitting and he transformed I to a beautiful Lamborghini. The droids on his ship were ok but they seemed humanoid. The cyber wolves I didn't care too much for them. The design of the ship was huge and full of details. That I liked. 

The Decepticons were weak in this film and not that many but to see Galvetron on the big screen was a nice change. I couldn't help but laugh every time Frank Welker spoke because he was using his TFP Megatron's voice. But there wasn't any long battle scenes between him and Optimus and it's the whole "this fight is not over" cliche again but it does leave for a sequel. I hope to see more of him. His design was ok. I thought it would be better but it is what it is. 

 Everyone keeps saying that the plot sucks but I think the plot is there but it's unbalanced. At first it was confusing but it wasn't until I understood later on. 

A lot of the fans are stating that the film mentioned the Quintesson in the film as the Creators and to be honest I don't mind it and wouldn't seem bad to see them in the next sequel. 

There's also a funny scene where we actually see Rainbow Dash for a few seconds. I had to laugh. Was Bay watching the Hub or something? XD 

Will I see this movie again? Hell yeah! It was a good film and I believe it turned out a bit better than before. Hope the next film comes out soon and turns out better. *fingers crossed* :)
Hello, everyone! Sorry that I've been inactive on DA. I've been spending more time on tumblr then ever and college class started last week as well but I'm in need of your help. 

Everyone that knows about my OC having fire element pretty much knows about her outfit but I want to do a change on that. I want to draw a dress that fits Adriana and her fiery power. For some time I've been looking at dresses on the internet to see what could be done but I'm soooo lost on that.

Does anyone have an idea?


Miss-AutumnRose's Profile Picture
Adriana - daughter of Prime
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
(Image was drawn by Dogi :icondogi-crimson: and I am thankful for her hard work of drawing my OC.)

Designation: Adriana

Voice Actress best suited for Adriana's voice- Emmy Rossum

Affiliation: Autobot

Faction: Autobot soldier

Age (Earth Years): 20

Gender: Femme

Robot Mode:
Adriana stands at 24 ft tall and weighs 2.2 ton. Her armor is red with a hint of gold. She has a helm design similar to her father, Optimus. She has a slender figure that makes most mechs want her. She has piercing blue optics like all the Autobots. In battle mode, she has visors that cover her eyes and a mask similar to Optimus Prime.

Alt. Mode(s): Cadillac CTS V Coupe (…

She carries around with her Cybertronian bow and arrows and katanas. Besides her loosely weapons, she transforms her servos into blaster cannons and blades. Each of the blades is sharp enough to cut through any mech or femmes frames or objects.

Adriana was born and raised as a human being. She grew up under strict and firm rules thus causing her to run away from her parent’s abusive behavior at the age of eight. It was then that she started to live with her grandfather, who took care of her and raised her in his home. Growing up happily with him for four years, her grandfather taught her how to defend and cook for herself. But that same year her grandfather died of old age when she was eleven and had to be put into an orphanage. Living there less than year, she ran away again of not liking the living conditions. As time went by, once she reached her teens, she met two alien automatic robotic organisms by the name of Optimus Prime and Causeway. As she grew closer to them and meeting the rest of the Autobots, she told them her life story and how she had to run away as a child. Pitying her, the Autobot leader and his Sparkmate adopted her as their own daughter, which she highly accepted. There, she met new friends and later her friends became her family. At one moment did she hear that her mother, Causeway, was ambushed and got shot in the chest, never knowing until the end that she was carrying. Sadly, she lost the sparkling and heartbroken by the tragic news that she gave up her human life to be Optimus and Causeway’s sparkling. As she grew, the Autobots and her family helped her train to prepare herself for the battlefield and once she was skilled, she became an Autobot soldier, defending her home plant and fighting against the Decepticons to bring peace and help her Autobot family restore Cybertron.

She is considered to be a happy camper when she is surrounded by her family and friends she holds dearly in her spark. Always there to give out a helping servo and defending those in need of help. She loves to read to herself or to others including when it comes to cooking and singing including sparklings. Even as a Cybertronian, she uses her holoform to walk around through town, eating, partying and enjoy being human again even as a holoform. Despite being cheerful, she can be negative on herself at times and holds a deep hate for anyone who dares harm her or her loved ones including the Decepticons.

Being a slender femme, she is able to hit her target rapidly and able to go through small corners unlike most mechs or femmes. Also being skilled, she is able to perform martial arts and use her weapons.

Seeing her family and friends get hurt, being left out from others, low self-esteem, her horns being touched, yanked, cut off or bended, and mechs wooing her, sparklings.

Holoform: (…

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 7
Endurance: 6
Rank: 7
Courage: 7
Firepower: 8
Skill: 6

Theme Songs- (… (…


Sparkmate: Blackhawk :icontfp-ratchet-tfp: <<< (AU only)

Adopted Parents: :icontf-theautobotleader: :iconcausewayfembot:

Father figure: :iconking-simba101:

Adopted Sisters: :iconautobotsnowdew: :iconjazzyjasmine15: :iconsilverheart101: :iconmrsdecepticonqueen: :iconlightning-tfp: :icontfp-steeljaw: :icontf-evilangel:

Sister figure: :icongealic-huntress1811:

Adopted Brothers: :icontheboxingatom: :icontfaskywarp: :icontf-chaos:

Nieces: :icontf-thunderstrike: :iconautobot-scarlett: :iconraelynn109: :iconlunette-tf: :iconsonaku-c1: :iconknockstardecepticon: Silverenia

Nephew: :icontf-starshadowprime: Mosses, Striker

R.L. Friends: :iconcrazyluigi2112: :iconhanatokirara:


My Home…

Current Location: FL, USA
Favourite genre of music: Country, Rock, Techno, Classic, Pop, 70's, 80's, 90's music, Celtic, Chinese and Japenese music, Movie scores, instrumentals
Operating System: Microsoft or Acer
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Wallpaper of choice: abstarcts or anything with nature in it
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Hound, Crosshair, Wheeljack, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Shockwave, Lockdown and Knockout.
Personal Quote: Believe in the impossible.
The bravest person is the one who speaks up for him/herself

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